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How I use one line code to "web3" my blog

I remember the first time I fell in love with the internet.

It is when I found out the blog, a pure place in which you can simply write your thoughts down and make them travel around the world. It is simple, but it contains quite a bit of strength. I serve on the internet day and night, mainly reading thoughts from all kinds of blogs worldwide, and I myself also blog out my thoughts into the ocean of bits. The blog soon became my home in the chaotic digital wildland.

As time passed by, the blog became less important in the mobile age of the internet. We have much shorter tweets, and we have much louder videos, the web became a little bit disappointing and boring to me.

But the word still matters. Web3 reminds me of the gold days when I first meet the internet. So I decided to pick up where I left off. I set up another home in the chaotic digital wildland of web3. The difference this time is that I want people who really are my readers to build a small autonomy community and to share thoughts with those people.

So I thought something about membership, NFT, paywall, and encryption. And I have discovered Mask network, which by the way is a great product, but I am not quite a Twitter guy, I don't tweet really. So the idea became like moving the Mask thing into my personal blog. And then I thought, if I want to build such a home, maybe someone else would too.

Finally, I extracted the code from my personal blog into a public and open-source tool for everyone to access, and that brain child has become the Seal Blog.

Seal is an open-source tool to web3 your blog. By inserting a simple script tag into your HTML page, you can seal(encrypt) your blog post with specific premium content which is only readable and can only be decrypted by your readers who have bought one of your membership NFT tokens. The best thing is that you don't even have to move your blog home to another platform while enjoying earning crypto and giving NFT tokens to your readers. The idea is to create a different connection between bloggers(often they are each one's readers too!), NFT has the great potential to build such a connection. Right now you can use it as a paywall on Seal, you can also make the NFT a fan badge, or bind the NFT with some unique avatars to work as PFP for your readers too. It all depends on your imagination.

Of course, Seal is not going to be like as professional as Mask. It will remain small, stupid, simple, and limited for the blog only, but I still hope it helps one or two people just like me. If you got any suggestions or questions, just feel free to reach me via email at

This post is also integrated with Seal too, so I am going to leave some encrypted messages for my subscribe readers as well. For people who are reading this post, I want to share the following information:

······Click here to read encrypted content. Power By SealBlog·······

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······Click here to read encrypted content. Power By SealBlog·······


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